Discovering Insulation Issues Through Your Arizona Home Inspector


Home Inspectors Explain The Importance Of An Efficiently Insulated Home In Phoenix

Home inspections are widely recommended when selling or buying a home. An Arizona home inspector will examine the home in detail, including plumbing, septic, electric, appliances, heating and cooling systems, roofing, potential damage, and more. A home inspector will make sure that work has been done to code and check for evidence of infestations of pests such as termites or pigeons.

As a seller, you can learn through an Glendale home inspection what repairs you may want to make before selling in order to improve the resale value or sale appeal of your home. As a buyer, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the home’s building history, the quality of past repairs, and information about potential repairs or upgrades the home may need.

Professional Phoenix Home Inspector Evaluating The Insulation Of a House

One common issue that can surface during an Arizona home inspection is issues with insulation. A home contains insulation in both the attic and the walls, enabling the home to maintain a comfortable warm or cool temperature. Insulation that is of low quality, was poorly installed, or has aged means that the home may require high utility costs and be uncomfortably warm or cold. In some cases, poor insulation can also be a cause of other problems such as mold growth or excessive neighborhood noise being heard inside the home.

With the hot climate in Arizona, most families run their air conditioning units throughout the majority of the year. Poor energy efficiency causing needlessly high bills and prematurely wearing out air conditioning units is a common and expensive problem for homes in Phoenix. An Arizona home inspector who is specially trained in discovering insulation problems can help you discover this issue through an inspection or energy audit. You may be surprised to learn that insulation problems can occur in both older homes and newer homes, and even in brand new homes.

Common Old Home Insulation Problems In Phoenix

Often, Phoenix real estate inspectors discover that an older home lacks adequate insulation. This may be because insulation products and techniques have been both improved and standardized in the last several decades, when older homes were already constructed with subpar materials. Owners and sellers of older homes are not required to upgrade their insulation to modern standards. However, it can be a helpful consideration to boost a home’s value or appeal.

Older homes which lack sufficient insulation in their walls or attic, or were built with older insulation, are much less energy efficient than homes constructed with adequate insulation materials and techniques. An energy audit with an Arizona home inspector may find that these older homes have higher utility usage, resulting in higher energy bills, and be less comfortable than they could be.

Insufficient insulation or subpar insulation materials are not mandatory repairs on an older home, but may be discussed with potential Phoenix Home buyers during a home inspection. Sellers may wish to consider having the insulation replaced. Buyers should be aware of the potential for higher energy costs and may want to work with their real estate agent to determine if this issue warrants attention in their purchase agreement or if a repair bid from a contractor should be considered.

Common New House Insulation Issues In Phoenix

Due to building code, new or newer homes seldom have an issue with a lack of insulation like older homes do. Instead, a common insulation issue in new homes discovered by an Arizona real estate inspector is incorrect installation.

In order to be energy efficient, a home must have an air barrier (such as drywall) and a thermal barrier (one of many types of insulation) that make complete contact with each other. Any spaces or gaps between the insulation and drywall mean that the home will have insufficient insulative value in that area, creating heating or cooling loss. While an Arizona home inspector cannot determine specific weak points without invasive methods, they may be able to feel hot or cold spots through the walls and can also take clues about the quality of the insulation installation from more accessible areas of the home, such as the attic.

Sometimes a licensed Phoenix home inspector will discover that some architectural or interior design features are not properly insulated. These weak points include drop ceilings, arches, and soffits. Like other insulation issues, improper installation can cause excessive energy use, high utility bills, and discomfort in your home. Your home inspector can make note of these insulation issues so you can determine if you want to repair them. Often, they can be easily resolved if the attic is accessible.

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