Should I Get a Home Inspection Before Buying a House?


The Importance Of Getting a Home Inspection Before Signing a Buying Contract

Buying a house may be the largest purchase you make in your life, so it’s important to get a home inspection before signing the contract. The only problem is you can’t find reputable Phoenix home inspectors that easily. With so many choices of which home inspector to go with, here are some tips to make a decision.

The Importance Of Getting a Home Inspection Before Signing a Buying Contract

Basic Reasons For Getting a Home Inspection

There are many reasons to get a home inspection before buying a new house. The best reason for getting it is probably peace of mind, but if you’re like most homebuyers, you’ll also want to ask about repairs to negotiate the price based on what the inspector finds.

 Knowing why you want to hire an inspector will help you figure out how much you should spend, who to hire, and where to look for one.

But, before getting a professional inspection, make sure to conduct your one. You can look for issues like bowing walls, signs of water damage, or low-quality fixtures and appliances. Do this before making an offer so that you can save yourself the effort of finding bigger problems.

Another possibility is to ask the home seller for a “pre-inspection”, although it’s not a common option. Some sellers do not allow pre-inspections because if you alert them to problems with the property, they will have to inform other potential buyers too.

Sometimes, the best option is to contact certified home inspections in Phoenix once you’re in contract to buy the house.

Considerations For Hiring a Home Inspector

You should hire a licensed home inspector to check all details in the new house, including the roof, plumbing, drainage, foundation, etc. Accompany the inspector during the inspection so that you can be more informed about the preservation of the house.

You can ask questions to the inspector to get more information about the problems. This way, you can also know which problems are delicate and which are relatively minor. 

You may want to contact someone who will be tough and sincere. You don’t have to consider the inspector your real estate agent recommends if you don’t trust that process. The real estate agent may recommend an inspector who’s not fussy to keep the deal going through, so better be sure to choose the home inspector you prefer. 

What Does A Home Inspection Cover?

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHII) has a specific list of areas that need to be checked during a home inspection. This is: 

  • Heating System
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
  • Rooftops
  • Attics
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Doors and windows
  • Foundation
  • Basement
  • Structural Systems

You have to be ready for the day of the inspection. The Phoenix home inspection company will need your permission to do the work properly. The more a home inspector can access, the more complete the inspection report will be.

Do Not Forget The Pest Inspection

You should also hire a licensed structural pest control inspector. Pest inspectors are different from general home inspectors because they create a special pest report on the house. Contrary to general inspectors, pest inspectors usually accept work on properties they’ve inspected before.

By getting a pest inspection, you will know if there’s a risk of common insects like termites, or if there’s evidence of dry rot or fungal conditions. 

Some general home inspectors work as pest control inspectors too, but they normally charge extra for doing that. Do not forget to get a written report of all the inspections in the house. 

What To Do Once The Inspection Is Complete

Once the home inspection is done, you will receive the reports with all the required information about the house. You will know if the house is in good shape, and in that case, you can continue with the purchase, without worrying about pests or other damages.

However, if the Phoenix home inspection brings some problems to light, such as major termite damage or big plumbing issues, then you have to negotiate. You will have to pay for the necessary repairs, so the seller should lower the purchase price for you. 

You can also back out of the deal, but only if your contract allows you to do so. 

Contact Arizona’s Top-Rated Home Inspection Company

It’s important to know what you’re buying. It’s also smart to be prepared when buying a home in terms of having all of the information you need upfront. That’s why you can always contact ATS Home Inspections LLC to get a professional home inspection in Phoenix. 

ATS Home Inspections gives you peace of mind by informing you about the condition of your home whether you´re selling, buying, moving into a new home, or have lived there for years. Contact us by email or phone to get more details about our services. 



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