Do I Need a Home Inspection For a New Build?

Top Reasons You Should Get a New Construction Home Inspection

The reason why new home constructions are such a popular option for home buyers is that they think that everything will be up to code and that there will be no hidden disasters lurking within the walls that are commonly found in older homes. Unfortunately, this is not the case. No matter what kind of home you are buying, a home inspection is always recommended by experts throughout the industry.

A new home build often comes with a standard final walkthrough once the home is complete, but like any home you buy, there can be issues and code violations that will become costly in the future. In fact, oftentimes, issues found during a home inspection can be the direct result of a brand new construction.

Arizona housing inspector performing an onsite examination at a brand new house

No Inspection Vs. Hiring Professional Inspection Services

If you want to take the shortcut and not get an inspection, there can be many long term consequences. While hiring a professional home inspector in Glendale can cost you up to $450 up front for the inspection itself, not having an inspection could reach into the range of tens of thousands of dollars when catastrophic issues aren’t found in time.

A Glendale home inspector will locate foundation issues, improper roof drainage, poor ventilation, poor ductwork, low quality roofing, and other issues that can lead to bigger, more costly repairs.

Make Sure Your Brand New Home Is Built To Code

Like any building, a new home construction needs to follow certain codes and regulations for safety and quality control. There are many elements of a home that need to meet certain requirements, and a trusted Glendale home inspector can check each of these aspects before you take possession of your new home build. They will check crucial areas such as the plumbing, the electricity, trenches and soil, elevation and drainage, and more.

Fast Building Contractors Are Prone To Make Mistakes

Because of how quickly new home builds are completed, contractors sometimes only meet the bare minimum of code requirements. Additionally, their workload forces them to subcontract the work to even less reliable trades which can create a vast difference in quality throughout the home. This is why you shouldn’t simply assume that your new build is up to code and in the perfect, move-in ready condition.

Common Indoor Problems In a New Build

While not every new build has discrepancies in quality and standards, there are a variety of common issues found within the home and inside the walls in a lot of new home constructions. Some of these issues include:

  • Plumbing Issues

  • Drywall Cracks

  • Incorrect Installation Of Household Appliances

  • Poor Home Insulation

Common Outdoor Issues You Might Find

When going through the process of your new home construction, the indoor complications may seem more crucial to handle, but common outdoor issues may also cause headaches in the future. With a home inspection, you may be able to discover common outdoor issues such as:

  • Driveway & Sidewalk Cracks

  • Poor Drainage System

  • Concrete Patio Cracks

Want To Get Your Brand New Home Inspected?

Not every new home build is completed to perfection and done with the utmost quality and precision. No matter how confident you may feel in the integrity of your custom home, you should always get a Poughkeepsie home inspection from Optima Home Inspections. With our reliable home inspection services, we make it our mission to inspect it right the first time, every time. Competitively priced and licensed throughout New York, Optima Home Inspections offers thorough, full service home inspections for buyers and sellers. To learn more, contact us at (845) 210-9930.


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