What Are The Benefits Of A Pre-Listing Home Inspection For Sellers?

Pros & Cons Of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Are you getting ready to list your home for sale? If you are looking for a way to encourage a smoother sale and take care of details in advance, arranging a pre-listing home inspection might be the perfect choice for you.

A buyer’s inspection can make or break a home sale because most buyers will make their offer contingent on a home inspection. If a home inspection reveals a significant issue with the home, the sellers may need to agree to a lower home price before closing and may even need to pay for repairs and other concessions to make the sale go through.

Sellers who want to avoid unexpected surprises and potential expenses should consider a pre-listing home inspection from a Glendale home inspection company. This can help you keep the price of your home high and prevent complications in your sale.

Pros & Cons Of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection in Phoenix, AZ

What Is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

A pre-listing home inspection is a professional home inspection that is paid for by the sellers before they list their home for sale. It will provide them with information about their home’s general condition as well as potential issues with specific systems within the home. Your El Mirage home inspectors will carefully examine your entire home, including:

  • Roof
  • Exterior
  • Garage
  • Structural components
  • Plumbing
  • Septic
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Insulation
  • Appliances
  • Swimming pools and lawn sprinklers
  • Overall safety and code compliance

A pre-listing home inspection typically lasts a few to several hours, depending on the size and features of your home. Mold, radon, and pest inspections are also available.

What Are The Benefits Of a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Many sellers find that a pre-listing inspection is worth the money. Some of the benefits include:

Fewer surprises during the buyer’s inspection

When you hire an inspection before listing your home for sale, you’ll be able to find and repair existing problems with your home, leaving fewer surprises for the buyer’s inspection. This can preempt and avoid complications with the selling process.

Reduce the risk of re-negotiating your home price

Frequently, buyers use issues that were discovered during the inspection to try to reduce the sales price or attempt other concessions at a loss to the seller. You can reduce the risk of this happening if you have your home inspected and repaired before putting it on the market.

Increase confidence in your sales price

Most buyers want their home to sell for as high a price as possible. Having an inspection can boost your confidence in your sales price because you’ll know that major issues have been identified and repaired. If your inspection reveals several major problems that you don’t want to repair, you may need to consider lowering your price.

What Are the Disadvantages Of a Pre-Listing Inspection?

Although Goodyear certified house inspections offer many benefits, not every seller wants to go through the process. Some of the disadvantages of a pre-listing inspection include:


If cash flow is tight, you may not want to spend money on a home inspection.

Different inspection styles

It’s important to work with qualified Glendale home inspectors who have a good reputation and plenty of experience. Some inspectors have little experience, inspect too quickly, or miss important details.

Is a Pre-Listing Inspection Right For Me?

Ultimately, whether a pre-inspection listing is worthwhile comes down to you. Smaller homes will cost less in time and money to inspect than larger homes. If you predict – or are unsure – whether your home has significant issues that could be problematic for a potential buyer, or simply want to make your home sale move through as quickly as possible with fewer complications, a pre-listing home inspection is worth it.

What Else Can I Do To Prepare My Home For Sale?

Once you’ve decided to have your home inspected before listing it for sale, there are some other ways you can prepare to make your home sale go even more smoothly:

  • Hire a trusted cleaning company to do a thorough deep cleaning of the home
  • Work with an experienced and professional real estate agent
  • Research nearby comparable homes and learn more about your local housing market before you price your home
  • List all repairs, upgrades, and improvements that you’ve made to the home while you owned it and share your list with potential buyers
  • Paint all rooms a neutral color
  • Declutter your home and get a storage unit if necessary
  • De-personalize and “stage” your home for pictures and showing
  • Call a handyman or contractor to take care of any repairs that are needed

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