Before You Purchase Your Next Home, Read This Story First!
I recently met an old friend and we happen to be talking about the family and how he was doing in life. He had mentioned that him and his wife were looking at a particular home to purchase. I asked him: is a home inspection in the works? He stated “no, we aren’t getting one done. It’s a foreclosure, and besides, it’s a newer home and we are buying as is”

I almost choked on my coffee knowing that no home is perfect – not even the new builds.

I stated: “look I am not trying to tell you what to do, but as a friend and a licensed home inspector,  for your family’s safety and financial well being, this home may have defects or safety issues you may not see. Regardless of what experience you have it is just as important to have a third party inspection to ensure that you get a professional and unbiased inspection of the property.”

My friend in the end chose to have an inspection completed, and called me soon afterward thanking me for the advice and told how they had found issues with the HVAC system, and roof.

To sum this story up, choosing to have an inspection performed, regardless if it were ATS Home Inspections or another reliable professional inspector, is the key to not only safety for your family, but to your financial well-being.

At ATS Home Inspections, we are trained and familiar with the components of a home, proper installation methods and necessary maintenance routines. We have also developed and perfected a systematic approach in evaluating all aspects of a home, leaving no stone unturned. One thing is for sure:  you CANNOT purchase knowledge and experience, why take the risk!

Why Choose ATS Home Inspections in Arizona?

  • To protect yourself in an important investment decision.
  • To be an informed buyer. It’s important to  know if there are any defects present, if those defects are serious, and the potential cost to repair them.
  • To be an educated home owner; having  your home seen through the eyes of an unbiased professional.

We inspect for:

  • Safety concerns
  • Maintenance issues
  • Condition of all the different components of the home.

Who should attend the Inspection?

Along with you and any family members you may also decide to include your Realtor and the listing Realtor.

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