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“The purchase of a home is one of the largest single investment you will ever make. You should learn much as you can about what to expect, both indoors and outdoors. In terms of what will need immediate attention and potential future repairs or maintenance.

A fresh coat of paint may be concealing, otherwise unnoticeable, structural concerns. Stains on the ceiling, may indicate a chronic roof leak condition, or the result of a single incident.

Your ATS home inspector is trained to interpret these findings, as clues and can present you with a professional, objective opinion, based on the conditions of the house. This helps you avoid most undesirable and unpleasant surprises.

Of course, a home inspection does not only reveal the negatives, it also highlights the positive aspects of the house and the maintenance needed to keep your home in good shape. Your ATS home inspection will give you a clear understanding of the property you are about to purchase, and you will be able proceed with confidence.”

“A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from its foundation to its roof. A professional home inspector is trained to be a detective in regards to the proper construction of your home, as well as its many working parts.”

“In a word… Yes! An appraisal of your house is an independent evaluation of the current market value of the property. In general, the purpose of an appraisal is to set the estimated current value of your home. Lenders, then use the appraisal to assist determining how much they can loan to the buyer.

The major difference is, the appraiser looks at your home and compares it to similar properties in your area, A house inspector conducts a much more thorough evaluation of your house. Including the major systems and its structural integrity.

Another important difference between and appraiser and a home inspector, typically the appraiser works for the bank, whereas a home inspector is working for you.

Home inspectors identify items needing replacement or repair prior to closing, which in turn can save you thousands of dollars.”

NOTE: The U.S. Department of Housing And Development (HUD) requires buyers to sign a consumer notice, advising them to get a house inspection in addition to an appraisal before the purchase of a house with a FHA mortgage. Additionally, HUD now allows home buyers to include the costs of an appraisal and home inspection in their FHA mortgage.

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“We provide a home inspection report describing the condition your home in compliance with the standards of practice and ethics of the State of Arizona BTR. When problems are found, we will recommend further evaluation or remedies.”

You can view a free ATS Home Inspections Report, right HERE!

“Based on a median estimation of a typical single-family house, the average on-site inspection time for a single inspector is between two and four hours ,depending upon the square footage of the home and age . Rushed inspections, or cutting the inspection short is ill advised, as this time is crucial to perform a thorough and proficient inspection.”

“Unfortunately, there are so many different variables, the cost varies. This is sometimes the first question asked, but tells the least about the inspector. Inspection fees generally depend on the square footage of your house, the age of the home, the scope of services requested or required, and other factors of the home.
You can expect inspection fees from a certified professional home inspector to start around $350. A quality inspection, backed by a reputable company like ATS Home Inspections, who’s been in business for over 15 years and has proven to stand behind their work, Ultimately, it’s you call, but this little extra assurance and upfront investment can help you avoid headaches later down the line.

As a special note we are aware of the price shoppers looking for a cheap price or comparing the price of our competitors to our own ATS Home Inspection prices. The real question is: What are you getting with that cheaper inspection – besides the report? – How long has the inspector been in practice?-What kind of reviews does the inspector or company have from past clients?“

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“We inspect the condition of the home and give you a detailed home inspection report. Hiring a home inspector is a wise decision, even when you are buying a house. Buying a home requires countless important decisions and can be very stressful.

A professional home inspector is a wise investment which will provide you a clear and objective point of view you otherwise may miss until it is too late.
When you hire an ATS home inspector to evaluate your newly built home, or previously owned home, you will be provided a detailed report, outlining any minor or major discrepancy . This detailed home inspection report arms you with information to provide to the builders, for their attention. If you are buying a pre-owned home, with this report in your hands you know can measure your options and make a well informed decision, based on any potential problems. This alone has set many buyers minds at ease.“

“By having an up to date home inspection report available for prospective buyers to review, you are putting your buyers mind at ease. Pre-listing inspections are the best kept secret for selling homes quickly. As an experienced professional with over 15 years of home inspection experience, ATS Home Inspections LLC in Phoenix, AZ is here to provide you with detailed home inspection and report that you can use to prepare your home for sale, increase its value, and give yourself a competitive edge when selling on the real estate market.”

“Many reports are hand written on a few pages, they look very unprofessional, and often are hard to read. At ATS Home Inspections, our reports are computer generated with a summary section and a descriptive photo journal at the front of the report.”

“At ATS Home Inspections, we deliver your report to you within the same day of your ATS Home inspection. We will email your home inspection report directly to you and your professional Phoenix Real Estate Agent, ready for your review and use.”

“Just because your home inspection report uncovered problems with the home you are interested in buying, does not necessarily mean you should not buy.Please keep in mind no home is perfect. Your home inspection and related report are meant to educate you, as the buyer, of the condition of the house prior to the purchase. in a non-alarming but professional manner”

“ATS Home Inspections encourages and recommend this valuable educational opportunity.Typically clients and their Phoenix Real Estate Agent arrive at the end of the inspection for the review of inspection findings”

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