Can you sell a house in Arizona without an inspection?

The first thing to understand is 90 percent of all real estate sales in Arizona are subject to inspections, and one could argue that the culture of the real estate industry is backwards. Houses are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then inspections are performed. Upon inspection deficiencies are discovered and then buyers & sellers negotiate repairs.  Therefore, in essence usually negotiation happen twice and this process ALWAYS costs sellers money.  This process makes people angry and frustrated.  This process can delay closings and even leads to fall throughs.  If the deal falls through, then all the time spent with the house off the market is wasted and the home selling process needs to start all over again.  And if the deal does fall through due to inspections, then you will have to make more mortgage payments on this house, may not be able to buy your next house, and you will still need to deal with or disclose the deficiencies in one way or another”

Yes, I am absolutely suggesting to you that there is a better way to sell your house and it starts with having your house pre-inspected.  If the house is pre-inspected, then you will not be blindsided by expensive repairs.  You may be able to save money by building repair costs into the price of the house.   Also, if you know about deficiencies up front you will have time to get estimates for repair costs vs. being rushed to get repairs made.  You can even save money by making your own repairs vs. having to hire a licensed professional.   In my humble opinion, the number one reason sellers don’t maximize the equity in their home and have a smooth real estate transaction is because they hire a realtor that operates in accordance with today’s real estate culture vs. being proactive like I am, and suggesting you have the house pre-inspected.”

The bottom line is this. ATS Home Inspections Pre-Listing Inspection saves sellers money, gives your house a listing advantage, eliminates fall throughs due to home inspections. Since I started doing this program I have noticed that the houses which are Pre-Inspected and offer a home warranty get over 50 percent more showings.  More showings will equate to faster sales rates and more competing offers.  More competing offers means your house will sell for more money and that is good for you and your real estate agent.

So yes, you can sell your home without a home inspection. Although the benefits with a home inspection versus no home inspection are quite clear.

ATS Home Inspections is run by Tim Kolb, since 2006, a licensed Arizona home inspector offering certified and warrantied inspections and in-depth reporting. A veteran of the United States Air Force, Tim has been saving money for home buyers, sellers and home owners in Arizona for over a decade with thorough and detailed home inspections.