Common Things You Shouldn’t Lie About When Selling Your Home


Looking To Sell Your House? Here’s a List Of Things You Should Never Hide From Your Potential Buyers

One of the most uncertain experiences ever is to sell a house. This process is usually stressful, but there are ways to make it more manageable and calmer. In the end, you only want potential buyers to see your property at its best, which is why you may be wondering if you have to disclose every detail about the house.

Short answer: yes, you should. Transparency will always make you look like a better seller. Besides, there are some things you should never lie about when selling a home, especially if you contact Phoenix home inspectors. See the list of these things below.

Looking To Sell Your House? Here's a List Of Things You Should Never Hide From Your Potential Buyers

Presence Of Lead-Based Paint

Since 1978, federal law asks you to disclose if you’re aware of the presence of lead-based paint in the house. If you listed your home with a realtor, then you will receive a special form to indicate if you are aware of the presence of lead-based paint. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know it though, you’ll have to check the box that says you’re unaware of lead-based paint in the house. Just be sure to fill out that form and sign it because it is mandatory for any home seller. 

Pest Infestations

Most states in the U.S. ask you to disclose the presence of any pest infestation when selling a home. These include raccoons, mice, bats, pigeons, etc. Avoid lying about this problem because you could end up facing a lawsuit if the new buyer finds cockroaches in the walls or bats in the belfry. 

You can always contact Phoenix home inspectors to get more help. They can also let you know if you need a professional exterminator so that you can treat any pest infestation. 

Water Problems

You may be thinking that disclosing past water damage will probably make a potential buyer run away. However, it is worse to lie about this issue as this could scare the buyer once the home inspector reveals evidence of damage. 

In most states, it is illegal to lie about water damage, so be cautious about it.

Leaks & Roof Deterioration

You will probably have to disclose knowledge of previous roof leaks or damage (most states demand it). Therefore, you better be honest with potential buyers and let them know if there have been problems with the roof. 

A potential buyer won’t pass up your house if you had a leaky roof fixed. However, if the buyer realizes you lied about the roof, he or she can pull out the house contract. You can contact a Phoenix home inspection company to get better assistance with these issues and how to inform them. 

Problems With Home Appliances

Many homeowners sell the house with its appliances instead of moving them to a new house or selling them individually. If you prefer to sell the appliances with the house, be honest about the problems they may have.  

It’s normally better to sell the house without the appliances unless they’re still under warranty.

Home Remodeling Without Valid Permits

Many communities have permit regulations when remodeling a home. It might be tempting to be sneaky about it if you remodeled the house without a permit, but be aware that lying about this little fact will get you in trouble almost every time. 

All the original home information is registered, and any changes that are not up-to-date with permits will be noticeable to any inspector or the buyer himself or herself. 


If your house had termite damage before and it was treated, disclose the information to the potential buyer and show the receipts. Never lie about fresh termite damage because Glendale home inspectors contracted by the buyer may notice it and require a separate termite inspection to confirm the damage. 

Unpleasant Events

In many states, sellers must inform buyers if unpleasant events have happened in the house, including murder, suicide, cult activity, among others. 

Even if you’re selling the house in a state that doesn’t require this information, it’s always better, to be honest about it. Tricking a buyer about this information could end up in a lawsuit for misrepresentation, so be careful about hiding details like this.

Disputes With Neighbors

Let your potential buyers know if you’ve been neighbors over the pruning of trees, the area of the boundary lines, or the placement of your fence. Ongoing disputes can be stressful for new owners, so be sure to give them up-to-date information so they won’t be unaware.

Natural Dangers Nearby

You also have to disclose information about natural hazards. If the house you’re selling is near a sinkhole, in an earthquake zone, or a place prone to forest fires, you must inform the buyer. Keep in mind that you could end up in a lawsuit against you for misrepresentation if you miss this information when selling the house.

Known Mechanical Problems

Home inspectors in Phoenix always check the houses’ mechanical elements, including its plumbing, HVAC system, and wiring. If you’ve had sewer, electrical or air-conditioning issues, always mention them on the disclosure form.

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