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    Owner and licensed Arizona home inspector, Timothy Kolb

    Professional Home Energy Assessment In Scottsdale, AZ

    We offer customized home energy assessments to houses in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive home audits are intended to highlight every place in your property where energy is being lost and should be redirected. Contact our expert staff of energy technicians for a complete home energy audit and start saving money today!

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    Affordable Energy Audit For Scottsdale Residents

    Since 2006, ATS has been offering comprehensive, low-cost home evaluations in Scottsdale. Whether you own a home or a business, our experts can help you save money on your utility bills by checking the energy usage of your property. We’ll conduct a thorough energy efficiency evaluation of your house using a variety of professional equipment.

    Industry’s Best Warranties For Energy Efficiency Audits In Scottsdale

    The most significant advantage of ATS is the free warranties that come with each assessment. These warranties include a 90-day warranty, platinum roof protection plan, sewage guard, mold protection, and a recall check. These unrivaled warranties are automatically included to assure your home is well protected for the present and the future.

    How Can An Energy Evaluation Help Your Home In Scottsdale

    Find Out How much the home will cost to operate

    Find Out How Much The Home Will Cost To Operate

    A home energy audit is primarily concerned with determining how much your home will cost to run using a variety of tools and procedures, and lowering that amount as much as possible.

    what can be done to save energy and increase comfort

    What Can Be Done To Save Energy And Increase Comfort

    Our professionals may give expert advice on methods to decrease your energy expenses while still living in comfort by doing a thorough room-by-room examination of your property. To discover more about our home assessments, contact us now.

    Find out where the most money is being wasted

    Find Out Where The Most Money Is Being Wasted

    With a thorough home energy audit, you’ll have all the information you need to figure out how much electricity your home consumes and which areas of potential cost savings exist. After the examination, ATS will provide you with a comprehensive report.

    Professional Energy Audit In Scottsdale, Arizona

    A complete energy assessment will be conducted by the Experts at ATS. We’ll use a variety of gadgets including blower doors, infrared cameras, and perfluorocarbon tracer gas to conduct a thorough energy audit of your property. Our staff is lightning-quick and highly attentive to detail. You’ll receive an extensive report after your audit that shows you how much energy your house consumes, where the energy is being lost, and recommendations for prioritizing your home’s efficiency and comfort while living in it.

    Honest & Dedicated Home Energy Audit Near You

    Heating Energy Report In Scottsdale

    Heating Energy Report

    A thorough home heating report is part of our energy evaluation, which recommends solutions for areas in your house where heat is being lost and where you may be paying too much in utility expenses as a result.

    Cooling Energy Report In Scottsdale

    Cooling Energy Report

    Our cooling audit is a full overview of your home’s energy utilization. This includes a thorough analysis of any areas in your house that are wasting cool air and should be addressed to decrease your utility expenses.

    Energy Report For Large & Small Appliances

    Energy Report For Large & Small Appliances

    Household appliances may consume as much as 25% of the total energy used in a household. For expert advice on how to minimize energy and money spent on appliance usage in your home, contact our experienced team today.

    Lighting Energy Report

    Lighting Energy Report 

    Using the wrong type of illumination might cost you money on your power bill. Our lighting energy audit compares how the lights in your home are now to how they should be presently operating.

    Hot Tap Water Energy Report

    Hot Tap Water Energy Report

    Water heaters account for approximately 15-20% of all house energy usage, with modern water heaters having been improved to use 10-50% less energy. Take advantage of our comprehensive home energy audit to see whether your water heater is wasting energy in your house.

    Summary Of Estimated Yearly Costs

    Summary Of Estimated Yearly Costs

    Our comprehensive energy report will show you how much energy your home consumes, as well as offer a breakdown of projected yearly waste, as well as pointers on how to reduce waste and save money on utility expenses.

    Why Choose ATS Home Inspections In Scottsdale?

    Protect Yourself In An Important Investment Decision

    Protect Yourself In An Important Investment Decision

    ATS can be trusted to give you a solid understanding of the energy use in any home, whether your current residence or potential new home. Call us today to learn more about our assessment services!

    Energy Upgrade Recommendations

    Energy Upgrade Recommendations

    After a home audit, you will get a more detailed energy report that identifies where your home’s energy usage is excessive and offers expert recommendations on how to decrease it. Every little bit helps, and the expense of getting a professional house assessment is well worth it.

    Recieve Unbiased Professional Advice

    Recieve Unbiased Professional Advice

    By learning the cost of operation for any home, energy waste, and what can be done to improve those aspects in your house, you may lay a solid groundwork for the future and identify which areas need to be improved.


    “Impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness of the work. The drone photo of the roof was a great idea. Communication excellent, and much appreciated.”

    ★★★★★ Nancy H. Surprise, AZ

    “They worked with me on the specific date and time I needed them. He was on time and sent the report right away with the pictures. Would definitely recommend him to friends and family.”

    ★★★★★ Monica G. Surprize, AZ

    “Fantastic service and very professional. Tim was very thorough and knowledgeable. He was able to answer any questions I had. The extra warranties are a great bonus! Would highly recommend!”

    ★★★★★ Tim S. Surprise, AZ

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