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    Owner and licensed Arizona home inspector, Timothy Kolb

    A Trusted Home Inspector Near You In Scottsdale, AZ

    ATS Home Inspections is the #1 resource for all your Scottsdale home inspection needs. With a variety of inspections available that target a specific area of your home, our inspectors bring a systematic approach and leave no detail unturned.

    90 Day Warranty with all Scottsdale Home Inspections

    Platinum Roof Protection Plan with all Scottsdale Home Inspections

    Sewer Gard with all Scottsdale Home Inspections

    Mold Safe with all Scottsdale Home Inspections

    Recall Chek with all Scottsdale Home Inspections

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    Affordable & Reliable Scottsdale Home Inspections

    As highly-rated Scottsdale home inspectors near you, ATS Home Inspections fully understands the challenges and difficulties involved in buying or selling a home. We bring peace of mind through a variety of detailed inspection services and comprehensive reports, that allow you to know exactly what you are getting before the purchase is finalized. Each of our Scottsdale certified home inspectors provides a detailed report following their inspection, including an electronic copy, a color photo journal highlighting areas of concern, and issues to be addressed. We are here to help you make an educated decision moving forward!

    The Best Warranty In The Scottsdale Home Inspection Industry

    The Best Warranty in the Scottsdale Home Inspection Industry
    Not only does ATS Home Inspections provide quality, reliable examination of your home, but we provide incredible benefits along with our inspections. Each one is covered by a specific warranty such as our 90 day warranty, mold protection, sewer guard, recall checks, roof protection, and more.

    Whether you are buying, selling, or simply curious about the condition of your current home, ATS Home Inspections is here to help you make the best decision about your next steps. Contact our five-star Scottsdale property inspection service today to learn more about what we do!

    Get Your Scottsdale Property A Professional Inspection Today

    Whether you are getting ready to buy or sell a home, our Scottsdale foundation inspection professionals can perform a detailed assessment of every corner in your home. We excel at uncovering any issues or hazards that may be lurking below the surface, ready to create a costly problem. ATS Home Inspections is licensed, bonded, and insured, with the qualifications and experience necessary to perform a thorough workup for your property.

    Common Scottsdale Home Inspection Services

    Total Home Inspections: From The Structure Of Your Home To The Peak Of your Roof

    When you schedule a property or home inspection with ATS Home Inspections, you can expect to have every inch of your home examined, both inside and out. From the main components such as plumbing, heating, furnace and more, to the secondary components such as roof integrity, potential hazards, or safety concerns, our Scottsdale house inspection process is qualified and thorough.

    Termite & Pest Home Inspections In Scottsdale

    Termite & Pest Home Inspections

    Our licensed Scottsdale pest inspection team at ATS Home Inspections is equipped to search for signs of termites, ants, or other invasive pests. We also provide solutions for any infestation issues we unsurface.

    House Mold Inspections In Scottsdale

    House Mold Inspections

    If you are curious about mold in your home or a potential new home, our Scottsdale inspectors are trained to identify signs of mold that could derail a home purchase.

    Certified Home Foundation Inspection In Scottsdale

    Certified Home Foundation Inspection

    As part of our certified Scottsdale 4 point inspection, ATS Home Inspections will assess the integrity of your foundation to ensure it is durable, solid, and ready to last for years to come.

    Home Energy Inspection Reports In Scottsdale

    Home Energy Inspection Reports

    Let ATS Home Inspections utilize our Scottsdale energy inspection to determine the function and efficiency of your home energy systems, including your furnace, HVAC, water heater, plumbing, water softener, and more.

    VA Home Inspections In Scottsdale

    VA Home Inspections

    If you are using a VA loan to purchase a home, ATS Home Inspections is qualified to perform VA-specific inspections to ensure there are no red flags that could halt your purchase.

    4 Point Inspections In Scottsdale

    4 Point Inspections

    Through a streamlined 4-point inspection process, our team of certified inspectors at ATS Home Inspections can assess potential concerns in your home and provide a detailed report of issues that need to be addressed.

    Scottsdale’s Preferred Home Inspection Companies

    Buyer's Home Inspections In Scottsdale

    Buyer’s Home Inspections

    Take advantage of our licensed Scottsdale termite inspection and Scottsdale buyer’s home inspection to learn exactly what you are walking into before making a final decision on your home purchase.

    Seller & Investor Home Inspection In Scottsdale

    Seller & Investor Home Inspection

    ATS Home Inspections can help you make an educated decision about an investment property without even laying eyes on it. With our detailed inspections and comprehensive reports, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

    Real Estate Inspections In Scottsdale

    Real Estate Inspections

    As qualified, experienced Scottsdale real estate inspectors, ATS Home Inspections is equipped to make sure all pertinent information is brought to light through a detailed home and property assessment.


    “Fast, easy, and efficient. The staff at ATS Home Inspections was very easy to work with. They’ve been really helpful and very thorough, doing the inspections pretty quickly. The reports were sent to me less than 24 hours after they were finished, and the staff was just as easy and prompt with responses and everything. They were pretty clear and concise and broke everything down into the simplest terms possible. I felt good about that because it made it a lot easier to decide upon the place we wanted.”

    ★★★★★ Nicholas R. Phoenix, AZ

    “Top Notch Service! A Friend! I have used ATS Home Inspections LLC. in the past many, many times. My company has been using them for a long, long time and he is the only company that I use for my own business. He is very punctual and accommodating. He is willing to work with clients on their inspections and he understands whats going on. He gives his customers the great attention that I give my clients! His reports are very thorough, very detailed and super simplified and easy to understand. He goes above and beyond to deliver!”

    ★★★★★ Sheila L. Surprize, AZ

    “Excellent Inspection Service. I have used ATS Home Inspections LLC multiple times and I would rate this most recent service as five stars. I recently used the company to perform a home inspection and they have been really great for my business. Everyone at the company has always been professional and easy to work with. I have been recommending this company to other people and I will continue to use them in the future. I appreciate their service and I am happy with the results that they turn out.”

    ★★★★★ Dave G. Phoenix, AZ

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    F.A.Q About Our Scottsdale Home Inspections

    While it is ultimately dependent on the size of your home and any potential concerning areas, a thorough inspection for a single-family home takes about 2-4 hours.

    Receiving a trustworthy, reliable inspection report allows you to know whether an investment is worth your time and money. Receive an informational, unbiased report today!

    Because there are so many factors involved in a home inspection that affect the cost, there is no straight answer. However, you can expect fees to begin around $200.

    If your home fails the inspection, you will have the opportunity to address the concerns and have the home re-inspected anytime. Ask our team for professional advice!

    An examination from ATS Home Inspections includes a detailed report about the physical structures and systems in your home, along with signs of pest infestation, mold, or other concerns.

    While other inspection companies may not allow homeowners to be present, ATS Home Inspections welcomes and encourages individuals to attend, as a valuable educational opportunity.

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