What to Expect During Your First Energy Audit

Many people feel their utility bill is too high, but do not investigate their concern. They may feel like it is complaining, or think their estimate is way off and the bill actually is accurate. What many people have not considered, however, is pursuing a home energy audit. Essentially, a certified home inspector will come to your home and perform a detailed evaluation to determine where energy is being wasted. While it may sound scary, it really is a fantastic opportunity to learn what steps can be taken to help lower your utility bill and save on your monthly budget.

What to Expect During Your First Energy Audit


During your Glendale home energy audit, the auditor will carry several tools that you are familiar with, including a flashlight, wrench, tape measure, and more. Their toolbag may also contain several items you are unfamiliar with. These include:

Infrared Camera – This tool helps easily detect air leaks in your home and determine your insulation levels.
Smoke Generator – The auditor will use this gadget to produce a non-toxic fog in your home to determine where air leaks and duct leaks are wasting energy.

Watt Meter – This tool helps determine how much power is being used by various devices in your home.
Digital Camera – This camera will help the auditor see into difficult areas and provide documentation for your home’s file.

The Process

While each specific auditor will typically have their own preferred process during your Glendale home energy audit, they will all perform the same required steps to determine your energy usage. These include the following:

They will look closely at your past bills to determine your energy consumption and which months are higher.
The auditor will ask questions about your daily home operations and identify any areas of concern you may have.

Your auditor will perform a thorough Glendale energy audit of the interior and exterior of your house.
They will examine the age and condition of your heating and cooling systems, appliances, light fixtures, and more.

The auditor will perform a “blower door test” to check for any air leaks you may have.
They will provide you with a copy of their findings and discuss their recommendations for improvement with you, so you know your next steps.

The Blower Door Test is a simple test that can easily locate air leaks within your home by changing pressures in your house. Essentially, a blower door is a frame and panel that seal up an open doorway in your home, and contain a fan and pressure gauges. The fan will be turned on to pull air out of the house which will lower the pressure inside. At that point, the outside air will be a higher pressure than inside, so if there are any air leaks, it will push through those cracks or gaps. The gauges on the blower door will provide an overall measurement of the tightness of your home, determining the integrity of your seals.

How Do I Find an Auditor?

If you have decided that an energy audit is the right choice for your home, your next question will likely be how to find a qualified auditor who does Surprise AZ real estate inspections. Here are a few reliable ways to do so:

Contact your state’s energy office to ask for a list of recommended companies that perform energy audits.
Search online for a professional auditor in your area qualified by The Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

Home energy audit professionals can also be certified by The Building Performance Institute. Search this site online to find someone in your area.

Always be certain to ask your potential auditor for proof of their certification and references from others. It is also a good idea to contact the Better Business Bureau to determine if any issues or complaints have been filed against that individual or their company. Before hiring an individual and inviting them into your home, it is always wise to do thorough research and be sure they are truly certified and qualified.

ATS Home Inspections is a licensed inspection company that has been performing energy audits and other inspection services for over a decade. We offer a variety of warranties with every inspection, as well as 24 hour call center, easy-to-read reports, and excellent overall customer service. If you are concerned about the usage of energy in your home and would like to have an audit performed, contact ATS Home Inspections right away. We will get you on our schedule so you can start saving on energy bills immediately!


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