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    Timothy Kolb, Owner and licensed home inspector providing services in Waddell
    In Business Since 2006 | USAF Veteran | Certified & Licensed Home Inspector AZBTR #46224

    Top-Rated 4 Point Inspections & Assesments For Waddell Homes

    ATS Home Inspections is a certified home inspector near you in Waddell specializing in a variety of inspections for your current or potential house. Through systematic, detailed assessment of your home, we target specific areas and leave no detail unturned as we work to uncover any risks and hazards that may be hiding under the surface. ATS Home Inspections also offers a variety of incredible warranties that you will not find anywhere else! We are the best in the business.

    90 Day Warranty with all Waddell Home Inspections

    Platinum Roof Protection Plan with all Waddell Home Inspections

    Sewer Gard with all Waddell Home Inspections

    Mold Safe with all Waddell Home Inspections

    Recall Chek with all Waddell Home Inspections

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    Qualified Home Inspectors Providing Detailed Home Examinations

    As five-star Waddell home inspectors, ATS Home Inspections offers some of the most highly rated and detailed inspections in the state. We fully understand the risks and challenges associated with buying and selling real estate, so our inspectors seek to provide the peace of mind you deserve by helping you gain a realistic picture of your home’s integrity. You will receive a computerized report and a color photo journal outlining our findings and recommendations, so that you can make an educated decision moving forward.

    Thorough House Inspections In Waddell, AZ

    Whether you are buying, selling, or investing in real estate, it is critical to know the condition of the property. At ATS Home Inspections, we do it all. As a five-star Waddell home inspection company, we provide four-point inspections, a 90-day warranty, mold protection, recall checks, sewer guard, and roof protection. To take advantage of these incredible, free services, you must simply schedule a full home inspection with our team. Our licensed inspectors will take care of all the details!

    Get In Touch With a Professional Home Inspector Today

    ATS Home Inspections is the best resource for all your inspection needs. We can focus on a single aspect such as a Waddell home foundation inspection, or perform an overall risk assessment of your property. Our team excels at uncovering any issues that could be lurking beneath the surface and will create a costly problem! As licensed, bonded, and insured inspectors, ATS Home Inspections has the qualifications and experience necessary to provide the peace of mind you deserve through comprehensive reports and recommendations. Contact ATS Home Inspections today to get your home and property on the schedule!

    Certified & Licensed Home Inspectors Serving Waddell Residents

    Total Home Inspections: From The Structure Of Your Home To The Peak Of Your Roof

    When you schedule a Waddell property inspection with ATS Home Inspections, you can expect close attention to detail and a pleasant experience. From top to bottom, we will inspect every inch and corner of your home to ensure a safe environment. Our Waddell house inspectors are prepared to examine your main components such as plumbing, heating, and furnace, and your secondary components such as roof integrity, potential hazards, safety concerns, pipes, and more.

    Termite And Pest Home Inspections In Waddell

    Termite & Pest Home Inspections

    Schedule our licensed Waddell pest inspection team at ATS Home Inspections to search for signs of ants, termites, or other invasive pests in your house.

    House Mold Inspections In Waddell

    House Mold Inspections

    Our Waddell mold inspectors are carefully trained to identify the signs of any hidden or exposed mold in your home. We can also provide solutions!

    Certified Home Foundation Inspection In Waddell

    Certified Home Foundation Inspection

    ATS Home Inspections offers a thorough Waddell 4 point inspection to assess the integrity of your foundation and ensure it is solid, durable, and ready to last for years to come.

    Home Energy Inspection Reports In Waddell

    Home Energy Inspection Reports

    Our Waddell energy inspection determines and reports the function and efficiency of your home energy systems including furnace, HVAC, water heater, plumbing, water softener, and more.

    VA Home Inspections In Waddell

    VA Home Inspections

    VA loans require specialty inspections to ensure there are no red flags that can halt the buying process. Take advantage of our VA-specific home inspections.

    4 Point Inspections In Waddell

    4 Point Inspections

    Our certified inspectors use a streamlined 4 point inspection process to assess potential concerns in your current or potential home, and provide a detailed report of our findings.

    Waddell’s Leading Property Inspections

    Buyer's Home Inspections In Waddell

    Buyer’s Home

    ATS Home Inspections offers Waddell termite inspection and Waddell buyer’s home inspection options so you know exactly what to expect before making an investment into a potential home. We work with the requirements for all types of home loans.

    Seller And Investor Home Inspection In Waddell

    Seller & Investor
    Home Inspection

    Let ATS Home Inspections help you make an educated decision about an investment property, even without laying eyes on it. We provide detailed inspection of the home and property along with a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

    Real Estate Inspections In Waddell

    Real Estate

    Our Waddell real estate inspectors at ATS Home Inspections are equipped to provide all pertinent information about a potential home so that you can make an informed decision. You’ll learn everything you need to know through our real estate inspections!

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    “Tim was awesome! Made this a great first experience, highly recommended him for any home inspection needs!”

    ★★★★★ Sara B.

    “Tim does an amazing job! He is always very responsive, professional and knowledgeable. He is great to work with and is wonderful at spending time with clients addressing their questions and concerns. I highly recommend him and his company ATS Home Inspections.”

    ★★★★★ Kathy M.

    “Tim was great, we felt like he was very thorough in inspecting the house. He pointed out anything small and big and how easy or hard it would be to replace it. Also the urgency of the fix. The price was great, and I definitely would use him again! Thanks Tim for a great first experience of getting a home inspected!”

    ★★★★★ Marc B.

    5-Star Rated Home Inspection Contractors Near You

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    F.A.Q. About Our Home Inspection Services

    The amount of time necessary for your home inspection depends entirely on a variety of factors. The type of inspection you have requested, the size of your home or property, any concerns or potential hazards that are discovered during the inspection, and any other specifications you may have, will all have a direct impact on how long your inspection will take. However, you can typically expect a thorough inspection for a single-family home to take approximately 2-4 hours. Contact ATS Home Inspections for more information about the amount of time you can expect your home inspection to take.

    The main purpose of a home inspection is simple: to identify any defects within specific areas of a home. If any issues go unnoticed before a home sale goes through, the buyer is responsible for all financial costs to fix the issues. A home inspection is a thorough, non-invasive, and detailed examination of all accessible areas of a home and property. Many homeowners take advantage of a home inspection even if they are not selling. It is wise to know about any potential issues that could be lurking in your home so they can be addressed. Your family deserves to live in a safe environment!

    Scheduling a home inspection is an easy process! You must simply contact ATS Home Inspections or your company of choice, determine which type of inspection you need, and get your home on our schedule. There are a few things you can do at home to prepare for the inspection and ensure your house is ready. You can provide open access to areas that will be checked over, clear the perimeter, check the roof and make sure your gutters are clean, keep your house cleaned and dusted, ensure your toilets are functioning properly, replace any bulbs that are burnt out, and put in a fresh furnace filter to keep your home fresh.
    If your home fails the inspection, there is nothing to be worried about! You will have the opportunity to address the concerns that were discovered and have the home re-inspected at any time. Once the inspector completes the assessment, they’ll write a detailed report summarizing their finds. The buyer will have the opportunity to back out of the contract without penalty, or can renegotiate the cost to request that the seller make specific repairs. If they choose to continue with the purchase, you will often need to get a post inspection done to ensure the issues have been properly addressed.
    The standard home inspection for a real estate transaction covers the condition of the home’s heating system, HVAC, interior plumbing system, electrical, roof, attic and visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, foundation, basement, drainage, and more. The inspector will thoroughly examine every inch of your home from top to bottom, looking at areas that are visible and easily accessible. You can also invest in a specific inspection such as mold, sewer, just roof, just foundation, or invasive pests, in which case your inspector will only look at those specific targets. Consult with ATS Home Inspections to learn more!
    Many people mistakenly think that they need to clear out during a home inspection. Instead, buyers are actually encouraged to attend the inspection! They need to know as much as possible about the home they are considering, and may have several questions at the moment that can be addressed and discussed. While attendance is encouraged, it is not mandatory, and you will receive a comprehensive report with pictures to view after the inspection has been completed. If you have any questions or concerns about attending your home inspection, don’t hesitate to reach out to ATS Home Inspections!

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