Why is it so important to have a professional home inspection performed?

In today’s market, it’s important to understand that a thoroughly inspected home in Arizona gives you the upper hand when negotiating a higher price.

Where would you rather be? With a professional inspection report in your possession, or  getting caught off guard by an issues in the building you’re offering for sell?

For your personal protection in today’s litigious society, you will want that peace of  mind knowing that every detail of the home was disclosed before its sale. With so many variations and conditions of hundreds of  homes for sale,  it makes a difference!

What does this mean to you?

The less work the buyer has to do, the easier the sale will be to close. Give those potential buyers the path of least resistance and assurance that ATS Home Inspection provides.

Why ATS Home Inspections?

  • To prepare your home for the real estate market.
  • To gain a marketing edge.
  • To be prepared for the buyer’s questions with answers from a professional.
  • To correct things before they become a doubt in the buyer’s mind.
  • To make your home the right house to buy.

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