17 01, 2013

Cracks in the Foundation?


Many people consider a home inspection after they have found what they thought was the perfect house. Only then do they learn that what they saw with their hearts is not so perfect. But, that’s OK – all homes are built by human beings and like humans they are full of imperfections. That [...]

Cracks in the Foundation?2013-01-17T10:30:09-06:30
3 01, 2013

Revealing Home Inspection Defects in Arizona


Most Common Home Defects You have been planning, saving, and looking forward to owning your own home and your quest is becoming reality. Now it time to learn about the home and any obvious defects your professional home inspector may have discovered. Below is a list of the most common defects found.  Deteriorated [...]

Revealing Home Inspection Defects in Arizona2018-11-20T09:06:03-06:30
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