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    Timothy Kolb, Owner and licensed home inspector in Goodyear

    Professional Home Energy Assessment In Goodyear, AZ

    ATS Home Inspections specializes in performing comprehensive home audits for residents throughout Goodyear and the greater Phoenix Valley. Whether you need mold checks, sewer guard, roof inspections, or energy audits, ATS Home Inspections is able to identify any potential hazards or problem areas in your home. Contact our office today to learn more!

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    Cost-Effective Energy Audit Inspections For All Goodyear Residents

    For over 15 years, ATS Home Inspections has been a top rated Goodyear energy audit service, providing affordable inspections for homes of all sizes. Through a detailed inspection of energy usage in every room of your house, our experienced technicians can determine where energy and money are being wasted, and provide effective solutions. Give us a call today to learn more about our pricing!

    Convenient Residential Energy Audits Near Goodyear

    Part of our detailed, reliable home inspection services includes comprehensive, free warranties that are combined with each Goodyear home inspection we offer at ATS Home Inspections. Our reputable services include a 90 day warranty, sewer guard, mold inspection, recall check, and more. Whether you purchase a home energy audit or a total home inspection, an incredible warranty will automatically be included to ensure your home is fully protected.

    Sample Home Energy Report

    Will An Energy Inspection On Your Goodyear Home Help?

    Goodyear Home Energy Audit Helping You Find The Right Home Costs

    Find Out How Much The Home Will Cost To Operate

    Our Goodyear home energy audit is designed to pinpoint and lower the amount of energy necessary to operate your home. We do this using a variety of tools and technology.

    Energy Audit Helping You Save Energy And Increase Home Comfort

    What Can Be Done To Save Energy And Increase Comfort

    Through calculated, room by room assessments, our technicians at ATS Home Inspections can determine where energy can be redirected in your home to lower utility bills..

    Find Out Where Money Is Mostly Wasted With A Home Energy Report In Goodyear

    Find Out Where Money Is Mostly Wasted

    After our inspection, you will receive a detailed report highlighting our findings about the energy consumption and waste in your home, along with solutions to lower your energy usage.

    Professional Energy Audits Near Goodyear, AZ

    At ATS Home Inspections, our technicians use the most innovative and effective technology to perform detailed inspections of the energy consumption in your home. With equipment such as blower doors, infrared cameras, perfluorocarbon tracer gas, and more, we can be efficient and thorough. After our inspection, our technicians provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings, the amount of energy used in your home, where energy is wasted, and suggestions on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency.


    Honest & Dedicated Home Energy Audit Near You

    Heating Energy Report For Goodyear Homes

    Heating Energy Report

    After our energy audit, you receive a comprehensive home heating report detailing areas where heat is lost. We include suggestions about how to better direct your heat and energy usage for lower utility bills.

    Cooling Energy Report For Goodyear Homes

    Cooling Energy Report

    Along with a report on your heating usage, ATS Home Inspections provides a detailed home cooling report. This shows where your home is wasting cool air and how to prevent that to lower your cooling bills.

    Energy Report For Large And Small Appliances For Goodyear Homes

    Energy Report For Large & Small Appliances 

    Many homeowners don’t realize that household appliances account for up to 25% of total electric use in the home. ATS Home Inspections provides an appliance energy report to see if your appliances are wasting money.

    Lighting Energy Report For Goodyear Homes

    Lighting Energy Report 

    Different types of lighting can take a hefty toll on your energy bill. Let our experienced technicians assess your lighting situation and usage, and measure their performance to determine how they affect your utility bills.

    Hot Tap Water Energy Report For Goodyear Homes

    Hot Tap Water Energy Report

    In the past, water heaters accounted for 15-20% of all household energy usage. Newer models have been improved to use 10-50% less energy! Schedule a hot water energy report to determine which is yours.

    Summary Of Estimated Yearly Costs For Goodyear Homes

    Summary Of Estimated Yearly Costs

    Through a home energy audit with ATS Home Inspections, our technicians can provide a detailed energy report summarizing your estimated yearly energy costs. We also provide solutions to help improve the waste.

    Why Choose ATS Home Inspections In Goodyear?

    Home Energy Audit Providing Protection In An Important Investment Decision

    Protection In An Important Investment Decision

    Whether you are curious about energy usage in your current home, or you are interested in a potential new home, ATS Home Inspections can be trusted to provide thorough, reliable information.

    Energy Upgrade Recommendations In Goodyear

    Energy Upgrade Recommendations

    When you schedule a Goodyear home audit, our technicians offer expert recommendations about how to lower energy usage and decrease your overall utility bills. We are detailed, thorough, and dedicated to our customers.

    Receive Unbiased Professional Advice In Goodyear

    Receive Unbiased Professional Advice

    Investing in our Goodyear home inspection service is worth every penny, to protect yourself from financial risk both now and in the future. Schedule your energy audit and start saving money today!

    What Our Clients Say

    “They were able to come out with a 12 hour notice so my home buying process was not delayed. They did an excellent job!”

    ★★★★★ Michelle U. Surprise, AZ

    “Prompt on-time and open to any questions. Got repairs needed before buying my new house from seller”

    ★★★★★ Mathew P. Goodyear, AZ

    “Tim is an excellent inspector! ATS has more options that benefit todays buyer! I was extremally impressed with the entire Inspection process including all the pre inspection communication, payment process, and the post inspection warranty options!”

    ★★★★★ Sandy B. Surprise, AZ

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